Stefano Zanero



“My IDS is better than yours… or is it ?!”

About speaker:
Stefano Zanero received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from the Politecnico of Milano technical university, where he is currently spending his post-doc. His current research interests include the development of Intrusion Detection Systems based on unsupervised learning algorithms, security of web applications and computer virology. He has been a speaker at international scientific and technical conferences, and he is the author and co-author of books and articles published in international, peer reviewed journals and conferences. He is a member of the board of the “Journal in Computer Virology”, and acts as a reviewer for the “ACM Computing Reviews” and “IEEE Security&Privacy”, as well as various primary international conferences. He is a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), and a founding member of the Italian Chapter of ISSA (Information Systems Security Association). He has also been a columnist for Computer World Italy, and has been awarded a journalism award in 2003. Since 2004 he is a partner and CTO of Secure Network, a firm specializing in information security training and consulting, based in Milan.

What do we, as customers or researcher, need to know about testing methodologies for IDSs ? What about the currently “standard” industry test methodologies ? How to make sense (or disperse the FUD) in the cloud of statistics vendors use for concealing their flaws. And should we draft tests for evaluation of technology in our environment, how should we deal with the various performance indexes of IDS systems ?