Raoul Chiesa - Social Engineering applied to Professional Penetration Testing: field experiences and case studies

Time: 4h
Social Engineering in professional penetration testing
The presentation will focus on Social Engineering techniques and
experiences from the field, when applied to the professional
Penetration Testing field.

Real attacks will be detailed, giving to the auditorium a
and actual idea of a serious security issue, often underestimated
by governative and private institutions.

Audience will learn (maximum 20 words):

How Social Engineering works; why they should be interested in
this; famous tales from the past; the Social Engineer skills and
weapons; real case studies; counter misuses and basic corporate
security policies.

Source (experience, research, vision etc):
Dealing with social engineering since +10 years, and being a
friend of Mr. Kevin Mitnick ? the worldwide ?king? of Social
Engineering ? Raoul will detail his professional experiences to
the audience.