Shawn Merdinger



About speaker:
Shawn Merdinger is a independent security researcher and consultant based in Austin Texas, USA. In former corporate lives he’s worked with Cisco Systems’ STAT and TippingPoint’s Digital Vaccine teams. His interest in VoIP security has led to multiple CVE vulnerabilities, several international security conferences, and involvement as a Technical Advisor to the Voice Over IP Security Association (VOIPSA).

VoIP Security Tools and Attacks

Along with the the emergence of all kinds of VoIP have arrived new risks and threats to this promising, cost-cutting technology. However, as VoIP protocols, services and devices enter the scene what are we security professionals to do? Why analyze, test and break them of course!
This presentation covers several classes of new VoIP security tools and attacks available to security practitioners and administrators. It includes brief guided tours of tool usage along with practical methods and strategies to get the most out of using current VoIP tools, and some non-VoIP tools, in assessing VoIP devices? security posture and resistance to attack.
Are you interested in scanning, sniffing, eavesdropping on calls, 0wning VoIP phones and making PBXs beg for mercy? If so, then this session is for you!