Pawel Pokrywka



About speaker:
Paweł Pokrywka - a graduate of Computer Science at Electronics Faculty of Wroclaw University of Technology (specialization: Internet Engineering / Secure Systems). For eight years now he has been interested in network security and UNIX systems. He has long experience in providing Internet access for users of a large LAN. This enabled him to specialize in Ethernet and related technologies. He is interested in embedded systems, practical aspects of cryptography and other domains of computer science, telecommunications and electronics. His projects and papers are available at:

Ethernet radar ? how to find the location of a host in the LAN

An administrator tracking an intruder, an auditor performing a security audit or an attacker trying to find out more about the network structure ? each of them would like to know where the host being analyzed is located.

During the talk Paweł Pokrywka will present his host localization method in Ethernet networks. This technique (never published before) is based on low-level properties of network switches and non-standard usage of ARP protocol. It doesn’t require manageable network components.

A tool using the aforementioned method will be demonstrated. Besides that, Paweł will present other, new or little-known Ethernet tricks.