Henning Brauer



About speaker:
Henning Brauer is 28 and lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is running an ISP there, with locations in Hamburg and Amsterdam, offering all kinds of Hosting, Housing, Security and Web Application services. He is an OpenBSD developer since 2002. Main areas of work include the packet filter pf and the network stack. Henning started the OpenBGPD and the OpenNTPD projects.


The Border Gatway Protocol, BGP, is used between ISPs to announce reachability of neworks. OpenBGPD implements BGP4 and is in wide use at ISPs of all sizes these days. The talk gives a brief introduction on what BGP is, and then explains the design I chose when starting to write bgpd, includung the 3-process model with the buffer abstraction and imsg messaging framework now found in all the newer routing daemons on OpenBSD. We look at what has been done for security, including privilege seperation. And finally, we look at how bgpd is being used, and look at some real world bgpctl output.