Bartosz Brodecki


About speaker:
Bartosz Brodecki is assistant in the Institute of
Computing Science of Poznan? University of Technology. He
develop and teach computer systems security subjects. As one of the first
in Poland he has been preparing laboratory exercises with RSBAC
project. In recognition of the high value of the work, their
materials have been published on the RSBAC project website.
The researchers work with security of computer systems, especially the
security of operating systems, like RSBAC, SELinux, AppArmor. In near future they
are planning to run test systems with both MAC projects in Linux.
He also work with computer networks as network administrators and instructors.
He is instructor of Cisco Networking Academy.

Mandatory Access control in Linux operating system.

Computer systems keep gaining a more and more important role in our
everyday life. This enormous impact leads to the growth of requirements
towards operating systems. Often, the key role for the security of the
whole computer system is played by the low level software which manages
all of the computer system components. Operating system is regarded as
such software as it is the source of basic system functionality serving
higher level user applications. Correctness of accomplishment of these
basic functionalities as well as the lack of vulnerabilities are
essential for operating system and user application security.
Currently available operating systems were not designed with complex security
mechanism in mind. The introduction of new functions to operating system
had the highest priority. Those functionalities are important but
security issues must also be taken into consideration. Mandatory
access control systems are able to help to fulfill more complex
computer security requirements. There are a few projects which aim to incorporate
mandatory access control mechanism in Linux operating system.
This paper concentrates on two of them: SELinux project and RSBAC project.